High Performance Doors: Need of the hour for the ‘New Normal’

The pandemic-induced work-from-home regime has highlighted the poor performances from majority of the doors with heavy distractions noticed by everyone causing low concentration levels and inefficiencies.
The day-to-day household noises from TV sets, music systems, pressure cooker, mixer, blender, kids at home etc. causing high amount of noise which are heard on Video Conferences, even if one closes the door to keep such noises out. Doors installed with the ideology of a Panel to close the hole in the wall showcase poor performance in terms of reducing the sound transmission. Indians have accepted defects observed in doors viz. swelling, warping, bending, high sound transfer as natural characteristics of doors, like how potholes have been accepted to be integral part of roads.

Modern Doors are expected to offer below mentioned performance as a basic requirement:
 Guaranteed impact resistance of 20 kg/cm2
 Low burning rate for non-FRD of minimum 20 minutes
 Thickness precision of +/-0.1 mm of the infill offer doors with perfect surface
 No bending or warping
 Climatic stability
 Acoustic performance of 27 dB and above
 Screw holding of minimum 50 kg per fully threaded screw
 Environment-friendly
 Low formaldehyde emission
 Ideal weight doors

In addition, fire doors should always offer dual performances with respect to offering acoustic performances of minimum 34 dB together with 60 minutes of fire rating for residential or apartment entrance/main doors. Sauerland Spanplatte from Germany – World’s largest door component supplier exporting to 90+ Countries with more than 1,00,000 doors produced daily using the Sauerland Technology have brought to India, global performance-driven solutions for doors.

Sauerland Spanplatte has geared up their customers pan-India to offer the need of the hour solutions by launching ‘Work-from-Home Doors’ concept with acoustic ratings from 27 dB upto 44 dB. Sauerland Spanplatte offers a unique solution to the end-customers to procure performance-driven as well as aesthetically superior doors from their Indian partners.

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