EasyReach Launches EasyPlug for Remote Monitoring

Pune-based EasyReach has launched EasyPlug, a Smart Plug that can monitor any industrial and non-industrial equipment without the need to open it, thereby maintaining warranty of the equipment. EasyPlug can be used for monitoring industrial equipments and various assets as long as the asset uses 6/16 ampere 3-pin plug. The product supports 2G and LoRa (in progress). One can gather utilization/GPS/acceleration data from this IoT device.

The web-based Central Monitoring Platform allows administrators to monitor the entire asset base remotely. Reports such as asset utilisation, switched off assets, best performing towns, worst performing territories become handy while taking business decisions. The map-view gives a bird’s eye view of assets in real time. SMS/Email alerts allow ability to weed out non-performing assets.

Industry Applications:
 Woodworking Machinery
 FMCG – Monitor retail refrigerators, coolers, lighted assets etc.
 Government Institutions – Monitor compost machines, security cameras, x-ray machines, computers, etc.
 NGOs – Monitor various donated assets like computers, water coolers etc.
 Corporates – Monitor various company assets like coffee machines, refrigerators, LCD panels, digital signages etc.

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