Wood-Mizer Releases two-in-one MP160 Planer/Thicknesser

Wood-Mizer has released the MP160 planer and thicknesser, new two-in-one machine to produce straight and square, accurately dimensioned boards. Efficient and compact, the MP160 changes bowed or cupped rough sawn timber into perfectly planed boards.
The MP160 shares one horizontal cutter between two cast iron tables – the upper table for planing and the lower table for thicknessing. No machine adjustments are needed to switch between planning and thicknessing.

Top Features:

  • 4 step process to produce square and straight material
  • For producers of furniture, windows, doors and more.
  • Use jointer and planer without any setup between modes

Just switch between the two functions easily without stopping the cutter or extractor. Start by using the top table for planing – making two adjoining sides perfectly flat and at a precise right angle to each other. Then use the bottom table for thicknessing the last two sides to be parallel to the first two, thicknessing the board to its final dimensions.
A safety guard keeps operator’s hands safe during planing. The board fence tilts up to 45 degrees for jointing angled boards. The top and bottom tables can be adjusted as needed, and the infeed and outfeed tables always remain parallel to each other. The outfeed table can be fine-adjusted. Two power rollers pull boards under the cutter. The power feed has an industrial gearbox.