Parkett Hinterseer GmbH

In conversation with Mr. Michael Hinterseer, Managing Partner, Parkett Hinterseer GmbH

Q. Could you please let our readers know about your company and product range?

A. The name Hinterseer has been synonymous with quartz parquet floors since 1904. Our goal is to create quality living spaces that offer comfort and an exclusive look. Today we offer our customers a wide range of personalized options in flooring and material. In solid flooring we offer massive planks, industrial mosaic, parquet friezes, cassettes, bamboo parquet and wall tiles. Hinterseer offers solid planks in spruce, pine, larch, oak, ash, cherry and walnut.

Q. As the awareness about environment-friendly products is increasing all over the world, there is a high demand for green and non-toxic wooden flooring. Does your company take into consideration this important aspect in production?

A. Absolutely. Our products are made up of 100 percent natural material and don’t contain any toxic chemicals. We follow all the US standards set in place in production.

Q. Which are the important markets for Hinterseer’s flooring?

A. We mainly focus on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and since last three years we have been in China. By banking on our quality products, we want to enhance our presence in the coming years.

Founded in 1904, Hinterseer is a German company which stands for parquet floors of a special kind. Today the company offers its customers a wide range of personalized options in flooring and material.