How your business benefits from PEFC?

PEFC: Certification system for sustainability of forests and business

PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is the world’s leading forest certification system. We are a global alliance that strives for a world in which people manage forests sustainably. We do this through the commitment of national forest certification systems, NGOs, associations, companies, and committed individuals. PEFC was founded by small- and family forest owners to demonstrate excellence in sustainable forest management.

A Responsible Choice
We all are aware that the impact our choices and actions have on the environment. In general, people now want to minimise their environmental footprint. This is where a furniture manufacturer can benefit from PEFC. It enables you to source responsibly and to communicate to customers and consumers alike that the wood you are using for your products comes from sustainably managed forests.

Why Choose PEFC-Certified Wood?
A furniture manufacturer understands the benefits of using wood; its adaptability, aesthetics, and environmental credentials all speak for themselves. There are a few crucial reasons why choose PEFC-certified wood.

  • Leading retailers are demanding PEFC-certified products as part of their corporate social responsibility commitments and are developing responsible procurement policies for many forest products.
  • PEFC certification assists in meeting regulatory requirements such as the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and the US Lacey Act. By gaining PEFC certification for your
  • Company and selling PEFC-certified products, you can ensure that both you and your customers can maintain access to these environmentally conscious and demanding markets.
  • Selling PEFC-certified material enables you and your customers to use the globally recognized PEFC label. The use of labels is of growing importance to consumers around the world. By using the PEFC label, you can make sure you don’t miss out on business because you left your customers in doubt of your product’s origin.
  • Gaining PEFC certification allows you to show leadership in your sector while also enhancing your competitive advantage over other manufacturers.

What is PEFC Chain of Custody Certification?
PEFC Chain of Custody certification provides independently verified assurance that the certified wood in a product originates from well-managed forests.

To earn PEFC Chain of Custody certification, your company must develop and implement procedures to account for the purchasing, tracking, manufacturing, sale and recordkeeping of certified materials. The PEFC Due Diligence System (PEFC DDS) is an integral part of PEFC Chain of Custody certification.

The PEFC DDS minimizes the risk that timber comes from illegal harvesting, GMOs and conversions. It also enables companies to demonstrate alignment with regulatory requirements such as the EUTR. PEFC Chain of Custody certification complements PEFC sustainable forest management certification, which provides assurance that forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social and economic requirements.

Important Steps

  1. Get PEFC Chain of Custody certification
    PEFC Chain of Custody certification is available to all companies that manufacture, process, trade or sell timber or timber-based products, and it is available globally.
  2. Start procuring PEFC-certified material
    Once you have achieved PEFC certification, you need to ensure that you are procuring PEFC-certified timber – this means that your suppliers must be PEFC-certified as well.
  3. Make sure the PEFC label is on the product
    Being PEFC Chain of Custody certified and procuring PEFC-certified material demonstrates ethical business practices. Now make sure that the customers know about it – the best way to do this is through the PEFC label.


  • Over 300 million hectares of forests globally are PEFC-protected
  • Over 18,000 PEFC Chain of Custody certified companies
  • 2/3rd of the world’s certified forest area is PEFC certified

PEFC Council
World Trade Centre
10, route de l’Aéroport
CH-1215 Geneva
Contact Number: +41 22 799 45 40