Fagus introduces a new intelligent extinguishing module GreCon IEM for better safety

Fagus-GreCon has launched a new Intelligent Extinguishing Module (IEM) in its existing spark extinguishing system. The new smart GreCon IEM is smarter and more reliable and it integrated early wear recognition and automatically reports even minute leaks to the cement plants’ control centres.
GrenCon IEM detects tiny leaks automatically. After getting a report to the control centre, the facility’s operator is proactively informed that worn parts need to be replaced soon. This enables the facility to plan the exchange systematically.

When the temperature approaches freezing, the integrated temperature supervision activates the heating cartridge to ensure smooth operation of the facility, even in outdoor areas. This system helps to minimise unplanned downtimes.
Progress in the sensors also permits the specification of custom maintenance intervals based on wear data. The dynamic maintenance intervals also increase the service lives of the spare parts. This helps to achieve two aims, viz. (i) reducing unintended downtimes, and (ii) optimal use of the components.

Dynamic maintenance intervals must be considered in the corresponding rules to integrate more sustainable use of resources from the application of dynamic maintenance intervals into the production process even better than before.

The increasing connectivity of fire prevention systems and production plants keeps developing new potentials to increase productivity. Integration of spark extinguishing systems into the setup of complex early warning systems permits indications of anomalies in the production process early on to initiate measures in time to help avoid production- or safety-technical issues.

GreCon spark extinguishing systems are growing important in increased productivity. Spark extinguishing systems by Fagus-GreCon have been protecting industrial production plants from dust fires and explosions that may cause damage in the millions within minutes and threaten existences for over four decades. Production companies from several industries strive to protect themselves against such risks and avoid production outages with the help of Fagus-GreCon fire prevention solutions.