Luigi De Vito Division Director, SCM

SCM to consolidate presence in Indian market

Warehouses, showrooms, local staff on the cards

After a complicated 2020, the year 2021 is proving to be excellent for the Italian group – SCM, the leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery. The pandemic tested the courage and strength of the brand and SCM left its long-lasting impression of being resilient all through these challenging times. Luigi De Vito, SCM’s Division Director speaks to Modern Woodwork about SCM’s future stragey for Indian market.

The Italian Group, a leading producer of machinery and systems for the entire woodworking industry, records an outstanding trend in 2021 in terms of financial results and order intake. As confirmed by Luigi De Vito, SCM Division Director, the main figures for the first two quarters of the year were extremely positive and the opportunities and customer contacts are increasing day by day.
“We see 2021 as a year in which to consolidate all our strategic markets, including India,” says Mr. De Vito. He adds, “The global woodworking industry is showing considerable strength, vitality, and courage. Moreover, the initiatives and incentives to support the manufacturing industry, promoted in various European countries and the rest of the world, are a good omen. This is the right time for the woodworking industry to modernise its factories and make their processes more digital, efficient, flexible, and eco-sustainable.”
SCM continues to invest in technology, skills and innovation to support its customers with the Smart&Human Factory: the vision of a digital factory with state-of-the-art automation systems, but accessible to everyone and based on a profoundly human approach and an all-round rapport with the customer.

Automation, Digitalization and Sustainability are the priorities for 2021-22.
The digital transition is closely related to other key topics for SCM, such as ‘smart manufacturing’ –, explains
Mr. De Vito. “Closer collaboration between smart factories and new skills, a different relationship with services that are increasingly integrated in the product are increasingly melting into a unified value for customers. It is this concept of ‘integrated strategy, product and service’ that we are carrying on, represents the core of our relationship with customers. Today, for a customer, it is easier to understand what technology can offer, and when we allow him to make the best decision, we can say we have really been able to improve our contact method,” Mr. De Vito elaborates.

SCM was well positioned to sustain the pandemic-induced business stress, says Mr. Di Vito. “Year 2020 was really complicated. But these are the situations where you see the courage and strength of a brand. SCM has never stopped its strategic long-term plan launched before the pandemic to keep consolidating its market shares and support its growth. We are willing to invest in products, innovation, and markets, as we are doing in India, further strengthening our presence with dedicated warehouses, showrooms, experts and local technical and sales staff,” he narrates.
As the pandemic struck, Mr. Di Vito says, SCM immediately created a task force to respond to the situation and redefined a strategy based on a few strong pillars, viz:

At the forefront of our strategy was the safety of people, our greatest asset. Within few hours, we enabled 90 percent of our staff not involved in production to work from home, showing that we were ready, and our employees were just as well. The safety plan involved all our sites, in Italy and around the world. Our subsidiaries, more than twenty, across five continents were affected, and thanks to constant networking, they were able to anticipate problems and minimize possible damage.
To start over quickly when the markets reopened, we worked hard in our departments, in production, to implement strict sanitary protocols and to monitor them constantly, sharing every decision with our employees, trade unions, local and regional authorities.

Customer Support:
The support service for our global customers was never suspended, even during the strictest lockdown periods. We transferred the necessary skills to our subsidiaries around the world, which helped us support our customer base when business travel was banned, both for sales and for customer service, responding to all support requests, continuing to make installations, also remotely and in prohibitive conditions. This strategy has rewarded us, as customer renewed their confidence and really appreciated our will to support their production.
Investments in Logistics, Spare Parts, and Services:
We did not stop big investments. During the pandemic, we launched a deep revision of spare parts service, improving all customer support processes with new tools that help us be closer, quicker, and more effective.

Technologies, Research & Development:
Our technical departments have continued to be fully operational. We worked uninterruptedly on our products, maintaining the same investments in innovation and R&D.

Skills, People:
Thanks to our Campus, we have pushed even stronger on the training of employees, immediately providing e-learning services for all our sites around the world: more than 70% out of more than 70 thousand hours of training courses delivered in 2020.

We have been pioneers with SCM Live Show. A completely new formula, a global event in live streaming in nine languages, that proved to be even more successful than we imagined if we consider the contacts and negotiations that stemmed from it. And that’s not all. We are also intensifying our on-line demos from all our Tech Centres around the world

SCM's technical departments continued to be fully operational. even during the pandemic.

6 pillars that helped SCM to face the challenging times

 Safety

Customer support

Investments in logistics, spare parts and services

Technologies, Research & Development
 Skills, people
 Marketing

We are willing to invest in products, innovation, and markets, as we are doing in India, further strengthening our presence with dedicated warehouses, showrooms, experts and local technical and sales staff

Luigi De Vito
Division Director, SCM