Rover B FT HD

Biesse launches new nesting machine – Rover B FT HD

The newly launched Rover B FT HD nesting machine is one of the fastest and most productive nesting machines available in the market, claims Biesse.

The new Rover B FT HD nesting machine launched by Biesse is now available as a stand-alone machine that will significantly increase the number of sheets processed per shift, but it is as a cell that the machine really shines. The cell’s infeed; CNC machine; and outfeed, and every aspect of work has been optimised for continuous, high-speed processing. After the first sheet has been labelled, the rest of the day’s production continues without a break, ensuring your equipment delivers the maximum return on your investment.

Biesse have re-imagined the entire process and achieved a cutting solution where every second of movement has been considered to produce a CNC nesting result that saves an enormous amount of time. The highest linear cutting speeds of 50 metres a minute with a 12mm tool; high speed angular interpolation (corner) movement; and a positioning speed over 170 metres a minute are now possible with Rover B FT HD.

Nesting provides the greatest potential for High Dynamic processing because speed is one of the most important processing criteria. To achieve higher production speeds, other factors must be considered. Biesse has worked to deliver the benefits of higher speeds to their customers by re-thinking the nesting process from the ground up. Every aspect of the machine has been considered with the goal of increasing the actual processing speed while maintaining quality and safety. The result of this research work is the new Rover B FT HD nesting machine – one of the fastest and most productive nesting machine available, as claimed by Biesse.

Stability is another important factor that affects the possible cutting speed round the entire panel, as well as the quality of your production. To guarantee the highest confidence, Biesse widened the stance of the gantry frame.
Rover B FT HD is not just a machine, it is a philosophy, a new way of thinking that directly benefits the customer. It is fast, dynamic, unique, unlike anything you have seen before. Equipped with the optional twin configuration of two routing spindles and two drilling units, even greater savings can be achieved. The cell can of course be linked to a storage solution with offloading and sorting of finished components by robot.

The Powerful Rover B FT HD:
 Linear cutting speed: 50 metres a minute
 Positioning speed: 170 metres a minute
 High speed angular corner movement