High-Performance Multirip and Edging Solution by Wood-Mizer

With Wood-Mizer’s MR200 Double Arbor Multirip you will increase the productivity of your sawmill, as well as save time and significantly reduce the amount of work needed to rip cants. Reliability, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use make the Wood-Mizer MR200 Double Arbor Multirip a profitable investment in large production plant.

The TITAN EG800 Multirip / Manual Board Edger is designed to edge boards received from a Wood-Mizer sawmill or resaw. The saw arbor can be packed with multiple blades. By aligning the incoming board accordingly, it is possible to achieve a multitude of product sizes, simply and affordably. Your sawmilling success comes 1st–Wood-Mizer’s passion, 3+ decades of sawmilling experience, engineering know-how, class-leading equipment ranges, dealer network across 5 continents, our commitment to your success – All working together to make your sawmill the best it can be!