Drum Chippers – MTG

IMAL, PAL and GLOBUS – the three well familiar names in wood industry joined forces to form a group which is renowned worldwide for its long experience in wood particle preparation, gluing and resination, on-line quality controls, process controls, board handling and in particular for its continual innovation. The systems and equipment manufactured by the IMAL- PAL group are renowned worldwide for their high quality construction and design, advanced software and process control and continual innovations to improve product quality and cut production costs.
Over the years, Globus realized a wide range of drum chippers with capacity from 5 up to 150t/h bd. Machines are designed to for a non-stop, 24-hours work cycle, expect knife changing time, which grants a chipping quality according to customer requirements.

Technical characteristics of Drum Chippers – MTG:

  • Two different clamping system of the knives according to the various applications.
  • Different rotor diameter from 600 to 2400 mm and knives number from 3 to 6.
  • Feeding rollers drive group equipped with double pinion/key block system plus ring feeder for powerful drive transmission
  • Hydraulic ejection system of the counter-knives


  • Easy digestion of all types and sizes of wood logs and materials
  • Perfect perpendicular introduction of logs grants high quality cutting and low over-size quantity