The domino connector revolution: Connect even quicker and release if necessary

Each wood join has its advantages. The DOMINO connecting system unites them all. In truth, there are numerous innovations which were developed on the basis of a spontaneous idea. Such as the DOMINO connecting system. And yet it is also based just as much on the principle of thinking ahead. Thinking ahead in terms of a wood join that unifies the benefits of all previously existing systems: the controversial stability of mortise and tenon, the flexibility of the flat dowels used in furniture making and the precision of the round dowel used in frame and rack making. We found the key for this in the patented pendulum routing movement and the resulting slots for accepting the specially formed DOMINO dowels. For a new, holistic wood connecting system, which convinces with the highest possible stability.

One that works simply and with considerably
shorter set-up times and which can be used even for tasks that were previously predominantly the domain of stationary machines. How well we have done here can be seen in the fact that we have to date not only convinced many trades people but have even been able to fill them with enthusiasm. About an idea that took the decisive step further. For wood joins as unique as the DOMINO connecting system itself.

For frame and rack joints (corner connectors) and board connections (flat connectors) that will impress you with extreme precision and stability as well as maximum flexibility and unique efficiency.

Extremely flexible and can be detached again quickly if necessary. With cover caps in three colours for a high-quality corner connection appearance

The corner and flat connector system for the DOMINO XL DF 700 joining machine enables stable connections that can be separated again at a material thickness of 30 mm or higher

Extremely stable with dowel and clamping element for strong connections. High pulling and tightening distance. Extremely high pull-out and load forces