GCM Teak Brazil: A reliable teak source from Brazil is now consolidated in the Indian market

Photo caption: The teak comes from well-managed plantation and production is based on the selection of the best trees accordingly with the final product. 

GCM Teak is one of the main exporters of teak clean squares from Brazil. The teak comes from well-managed plantation and production is based on the selection of the best trees accordingly with the final product. The company can provide high grade teak in different sizes such as 3 x 2, 3 x 3, 3 x 4, 3 x 5, among others.

Since 2005, GCM Trade was established to meet the high market demand with responsibility for the environment and a commitment to work with a high quality product, which Brazilian producers offer.

GCM Trade are prepared to work with the international market and its challenges. In addition to the high quality of our products, we are concerned with offering the best service to our clients.

We are willing to understand the client’s needs and offer the best solution. With dedication and commitment, we seek to exceed customer expectations on each shipment. Through our company, you will have direct contact with many traditional and famous Brazilian producers and will be able to import the best products in the wood industry. With GCM, you will find products of high durability, resistance and with quality standardization.

Since the first shipments of teak clean squares from Brazil to India, the main focus of GCM Teak Brazil was to build a long-term relationship with Indian buyers, developing and supportting distributors in different areas of India.

Our goal has been reached and today, GCM Teak Brazil can be found from north to south India via local distributors.

Testimonials from GCM Teak Brazil’s Indian distributors:

Mr. Ravi,
Arihant Timber
Responsible for Bengaluru Area

We’ve got the right supplier

“Just after our meeting at Indiawood 2016 in Bengaluru, we began buying with GCM Teak Brazil. We received very good response from our customers owing to the quality. The moment the first shipment got cleared and well-received by customers, we realized that we have got the right supplier.”


Mr. Vishal Badani,
Shree Vardhman Enterprise
Responsible for Mundra Area

Gem of a timber merchant

“We want to thank GCM Teak Brazil sincerely for the trust and for the spirit of partnership. We have received a good cooperation from Mr. Gustavo S. Milazzo and the entire GCM Teak Brazil team in the past. We hope the same will continue for years to come.”


Mr. Kamlesh Patel,
Jagadish Timber
Responsible for Vizag Area

Consistent on quality

“In the past, many of our loyal clienteles (timber resellers) from coastal Andhra Pradesh were reluctant to try Brazil Teak. However, things changed when we introduced GCM Teak to them. Satisfied with the quality and supply, the resellers are coming back with further demand for Brazil Teak. Today, GCM Teak Brazil is well-regarded as the best Brazil Teak brand all across South India. We have grown with our partner GCM and are proud to be a part of GCM family.”


Mr. Hitesh Patel,
Kethany Enterprises
Responsible for Nagpur Area

Our partner in success

“We are proud to be one of the first importers of GCM Teak Brazil in India. Since the beginning, we had a very great experience doing business together with GCM team. We have developed the Teak market together and only have good experiences since then”