Baumer Inspection at IndiaWood 2020 – Do you have a really good overview of the quality in your production?

Photo Caption:ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 system can be used in series production and in batch-1 production for defect detection and process optimization

Can you detect the defects in your production and assign them to the root cause in the process? This is exactly where the solutions from Baumer Inspection come in. Through the use of automatic optical inspection systems, qualitative production deviations can be measured. With the help of extensive evaluation statistics, sound decisions for process optimization can be made. Baumer Inspection will especially present ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 and ColourBrain® Edge 3D systems at IndiaWood 2020, booth H4E518.

ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 – Technologically Leading in Furniture Inspection
The inspection system ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 is the technology leader in the double-sided inspection of foil-coated, melamine-coated and lacquered furniture panels. The outcome are impressive inspection results: Surface defects such as bubbles, dents, fine scratches or shiny spots are precisely recognized in their smallest size – whether diagonally or transversely to the feed direction. An optional drill hole control also checks for the integrity of drilling holes and profile deviations of grooves. The slim design guarantees a small space requirement in the feed direction. The system availability is maximized due to the ease of maintenance.

ColourBrain® Edge inspection system complements and expands surface inspection in an ideal way.

The ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 system can be used both in series production and in batch-1 production for defect detection and process optimization, while a ColourBrain® Edge inspection system complements and expands surface inspection in an ideal way. In addition, the modular design allows Baumer to react flexibly to customer requirements. In the most advanced stage, the brand-new illumination in combination with the first-class multiReflex® inspection module provide outstanding results in defect detection.

The first installation:

  • The system is already installed (since May ‘19) after the sander at a worldwide leading panel producer in Germany.
  • Customer was not satisfied with the available systems on the market and decided to buy the new innovative, space saving and very robust RawBoard 4.0 system from Baumer Inspection with a brand-new unique illumination.
  • The system ColourBrain RawBoard 4.0 was officially introduced at LIGNA 2019 in May.
  • Fast installation in excellent cooperation with the customer.
  • Customer is satisfied and the system is successfully established in his factory. They were able to reduce personnel resources.

ColourBrain® Edge 3D – Edge Inspection Reconsidered
The ColourBrain® Edge 3D is a revised system for the inspection of glued and lasered edge bands on furniture parts. For example, too high edge bands are detected or even geometric features such as grooves and drill holes are recognized as such and distinguished from defects. In addition, defects such as edge breakouts of veneered edges or on real wood are visible. The ColourBrain® Edge 3D system can be used in both series production and batch-1 production for defect detection and process optimization, complementing the ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 system in a perfect way. As part of the product care, the heat dissipation has also been optimized so that the size of the system is significantly more compact. The outstanding strength of the ColourBrain® Edge 3D lies in the detection of topographic defects. For this purpose, directed line lasers are used.

About Baumer Inspection
For over 35 years, Baumer Inspection has specialized in providing maximum precision in the inspection and quality assurance of surfaces. With over 750 installed systems, Baumer is the worldwide partner for automatic, optical inspection systems for process control and defect detection. Scanners from Baumer Inspection control furniture panels, decorative papers, foils, floorboards and surfaces or edges of furniture parts all over the world.
Internationally, customers benefit from a broad portfolio of standard products, holistic advice and reliable 24/7 service.
In addition to the automatic and reliable detection of the smallest defects at high throughput speeds, Baumer Inspection’s developments in recent years have increasingly focused on optimizing its customers’ production. Thus, the smallest deviations in terms of the defect image are analyzed and assigned according to the cause in the production process. Predictive and timely action can be taken to optimize quality and maximize output.
Baumer Inspection is integrated into the Swiss Baumer Group, a global family-owned company for high-quality sensors and systems for factory automation.