The Globally Compatible machines for high end professionals

OptiCut 3.2 (auto) Beam Saw with
Optimization Software & Label Printer

“Unbelievable saw carrier speed and optimum thickness cutting, all adjustable to your need. Stability and service life of the machine is incredible”

Heavy duty suspension grippers, avoiding scratch board surface. It can gripe the panel perfectly, highly reduce labour intensity, and greatly improve production efficiency

Air floating table to avoid scratches on board and assuring smooth board movement, suitable for heavy and big panels.

HD Touch screen with Optimized software programed, provide safety and quick speedy cutting with label printer and reduce wastage of material.

Technical Details:

Max. cutting length
mm 3180
Max. cutting thickness mm 100
Saw carriage forward speed m / min 100
Saw carriage backward speed m / min 150
Main saw blade size mm 400Φ x 60Φ
Speed of main saw blade
rpm 4800
Main saw motor hp 21.2
Scoring saw blade size mm 180Φ x 30Φ
Speed of scoring saw blade rpm 6500
Auto feeding motor (AC servo) hp 1.3
Feeding speed m / min 100
Saw carriage drive motor hp 3.0
High pressure blower motor hp 3.0
Working air pressure Kg / cm²
Total power hp 28.5

Panel Saw OptiSaw ( auto) 3.2
“Euro Standard Engineering to maximize the ease
of operations & speed of production”

The motorized ripfence
It has an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm. The high precision ball spindle system guarantees precise adjustment of the ripfence.

Smooth-running and powerful saw unit:
It is a powerhouse produced with the latest manufacturing technology. The saw shaft runs incredibly smoothly, because it is electronically balanced as a fully assembled unit, and extensive use of cast components in the making. The high precision vertical movement of the unit is linear with maintenance -free guide bearings & allows the whole unit to tilt easily & precisely to exactly the correct angle.

Sturdy frame with telescopic cross-cut fence
It provides a rigid support for all cutting with telescopic cross-cut fence Sturdy frame with telescopic cross-cut fence with aluminum guides for precise and easy position. Panels can be squared & cut at an angle up to 45°on both sides of the table.

Digital Read out (DRO) – Optional
Crosscut mitre fence is equipped with DRO that displays the job length digitally. This enables a setting precision accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.

Heavy duty precision Sliding Table:
Runs on large rollers sandwiched between hard chromed guide bars. Hollow multi-chamber alu. Extrusion guarantees optimal torsion resistance & rigidity

Eye-level operating panel for the ease of operation
All major control functions are always visible. The panel pivots into the most convenient position & is accessible from both sides of the machine.

Optiedge 6.5P High Speed Auto Edge Bander
“India’s most advanced & advantageous Edge Bander”

Operating Units:

Most Important Salient Features at a Glance:

  • High performance machine with High feeding speed up to 25 m/min gives more production
  • Internally Teflon coated hot melt glue pot to allow an easy and quick glue replacement
  • Motorized up-down movement of pressure beam for easy thickness setting
  • Robust feed chain & conveyor system with heavy duty gearbox for effective pressure on panels
  • Low maintenance m/c, easy available cost effective spares, best after sales service support.

Open View:

Processing edges needs to be as quick, easy and efficient as possible. To achieve this, the OptiEdge model combines the key characteristics of speed, productivity, flexibility and user comfort in a convincing complete Package.
The final finishing results when processing coiled material convince with incredibly high standards that fulfil the ever increasing demands of edge banding complete processing.
Edge processing aggregates and an optimized machine chassis guarantee absolute stability even when running at maximum speed.
With the “Professional” and “Performance” processing packages, the OptiEdge can be perfectly configured for company specific requirements.

Easy accessible, user friendly Smart Touch PLC control panel. The Corner rounding unit is controlled from the control panel, with the option of choosing the shape of panel.

An optimal unit for panel edge pre-milling with two heavy duty high frequency motors supplied with set of diamond cutters as standard supply with machine.

Cleaning Agent:
In order to prevent glue to adhere on panel, cleaning liquid is sprayed to lower & upper surface of the panel.

Auto Lubrication:
Automatic Lubrication system circulates lubrication to the required parts of the machine, ensures efficient operation & increase life of parts.

2 motor Round Cornering:

Compact and powerful high frequency two motors round cornering unit guarantees perfect finish on edge sliding on two heavy prismatic guide ways with recirculation ball bearings . Trimmer 2R cutter for PVC / ABS gives perfect round cornering on edges of straight, chamfered and post formed panels.

All electronic & pneumatic parts are from well-known international brands for trouble free operation

Air pressure safety tanks are provided to ensure non-dropping of air during process. Two tanks are provided one for general air supply and other for specific round cornering unit.

Specifications Unit Parameters OptiEdge 6.5 (without pre milling) Parameters OptiEdge 6.5P( with pre-milling)
Work piece thickness range mm 10-60 10-60
Minimum work piece width mm 60 60
Minimum work piece length mm 100 100
Edge banding thickness for PVC & ABS in coil form mm 0.4-3.0 0.4-3.0
Work piece feeding speed
m/min 15-20-25 15-20-15
Glue pot capacity kg 2 2
Total power
hp 12.66 18.66

OptiDrill 2.3 Three Head Boring
“Offering multi-operational boring functions with flexibility & high productivity”

The Optimus promise of Globally Compatible machine for high-end professionals:

  • Optimum Precision , performance and operating comfort
  • Un-compromised productivity in continuous operations
  • Sturdy design with premium components
  • Complete engineering precision in manufacturing
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Best after sales service and spares support

Length wise movement of heavy duty precision vertical boring heads on linear heavy rolling guides for a prompt & easy positioning with digital readout.

Technical Details:

Model Unit OptiDrill 2.3 OptiDrill 2.6
Maximum working thickness
mm 60
Maximum size of work piece mm 2500 x 640 2500 x 640
Number of spindle head no. Three(One Horizontal & Two Vertical) Six (Two Horizontal & Four Vertical)
Number of spindle head no. 21 21
Total spindles nos. 21*3 = 63 21*6 = 126
Shank diameter of drill mm 10 10
Spindle rotation speed rpm 2800 2800
Maximum drilling diameter mm 32 32
Drilling depth mm 0 ~ 50(drill length 70 mm) 0 ~ 50 (drill length 70 mm)
Compressed air required Kg / cm² 6 to 8 6 to 8
Electric motor – 3 phase hp 3 no’s x 2 hp = 6
6 no’s x 2 hp = 12
Machine dimensions (L x B x H) mm 3480 x 3050 x 1560 4400 x 3050 x 1560

The two vertical heads can slide away from each other depending on the center distance required between them. They can also be rotated by 90° giving more locational positioning. Auxiliary support frame with fence gives better solution for long panels.

The Aluminum fence with support rollers has four reference stops that slides smoothly for smooth positioning. This makes it easy to feed long work-pieces. Second vertical head assembly has also reference stopper for perfect side position alignment of longer work piece.

User friendly Smart Touch PLC Control Panel

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website: ( auto) Post Forming Machine
“automatic,speedier, easier yet excellent and error-free laminating of the profiled panels”

Salient features:

  • 8 pneumatic cylinders for uniform pressure on work-piece through forming rail for better bonding of laminate.
  • PLC based control panel as standard feature with capacity of 20 programs
  • Ground and hard chrome plated heater bar for smooth operation and long life.
  • Backstops facility provided to support long and odd shape jobs
  • Facilities for dry runs and manual runs provided for settings and trials.
  • Auto post-forming cycle with variable heating time, stop and go time & holding time, can be adjusted to profile.
  • Drive motor with brakes, to avoid slippage of rotary motion of the heater frame. Spindle Moulder
“Shape-up to the trends, mould your vision and upgrade to high-quality moulder

Auto Feeder: (Optional) For auto feeding of work piece & can be bought any time separately

Salient Features:

  • Heavy duty machine suitable for different application like moulding, routing, arch moulding, rebating, grooving, tenoning
  • The hard anodized 1300mm aluminum extrusion sliding table is precision machined and features a 360mm wide table.
  • Ground and electronically balanced spindle for vibration free operation.
  • Two different spindle speeds for selection depending on tool diameter and application.
  • A heavy duty mitre fence with wood clamping for tenoning work and an aluminum extruded adjustable side reference fence.