LeitzXPress – Industry 4.0 with the experience of over 140 years

Cover photo caption: With the LeitzXPress concept Leitz convincingly demonstrated the combination of proven technologies and technical applications with new concepts 

Leitz presented its “Solutions in new dimensions” also in the ”Digital Services“ division. The term “Industry 4.0” has been for years the subject of numerous definitions and interpretations, which in turn are used in a wide variety of industries and technologies. In the wood and plastics processing industries, too, this topic, with its numerous types of design, has been part of a wide variety of discussions about forward-looking solutions for years.

With the LeitzXPress concept Leitz is convincingly demonstrating the combination of proven technologies and technical applications with new concepts. This resulted in a complete package that makes the digital workflow and thus the possible advantages of Industry 4.0 available to both, industrial customers and customers from small and medium-sized craft businesses. The LeitzXPress stands for more efficiency and productivity in production and absolute flexibility and transparency of upstream and downstream processes.

The concept study of the LeitzXPress App. Above all, the digital workflow and the possible advantages of Industry 4.0, are to be made usable in the future with the App both for industrial customers and for customers from small and medium-size crafts enterprises.

Future components of LeitzXPress are solutions that partly already exist in their original form as proven “individual solution“. What is new is the creation of a uniform, digital service concept that meets the customer’s requirements for information and data provision and provides the user with a compact and clear platform:

  • Intelligent tool systems increase productivity and efficiency. Since the nineties, products equipped with data chips or Datamatrix codes have been a fixed and proven component of the Leitz tool programmes and are now standard for many Leitz products. The clear identification of each individual tool is done by recognition of an individual serial number and thus enables the provision of corresponding extensive tool information by means of the App. Thus, tool information as well as supporting information can be passed on to the user quickly and specifically for the respective application.
  • Reliable supply of information for more efficiency, productivity and flexibility. The information platform provides Leitz customers with relevant data and information about production, service, process knowledge and tool technology.

    Integrated service concepts increase flexibility, transparency and sustainability. With the help of the Leitz App, information on service intervals or lifecycles will in future be transmitted directly to the user. In conjunction with the appropriate Tool Management model, such as the Leitz Service Flat rate or the Complete Care Service concept, the simplification of the entire tool logistics can also be achieved. Further advantages are, for example, increased availability, the reduction of stocks, the increase of process reliability, the build-up of process knowledge or the simplified tool commissioning after sharpening.

  • Valuable user information offers process and product know-how. By connecting to additional information platforms, such as Leitz homepage or the Leitz Lexicon, users can optimally supplement their process and production planning in the future. In addition, there is the possibility of quick and direct contact with a Leitz Process expert or the personal product contact person.

With LeitzXPress the company from Oberkochen impressively demonstrates that the advantages of digital process optimization, especially for small and medium-sized as well as craft-oriented companies, represent a concrete added value. For Leitz, as the world’s leading manufacturer of precision tools and tooling systems, Industry 4.0 is not only a trend but also a practical solution to support and relieve customers. With the development of LeitzXPress, the declared goal was to create an intelligent App that provides customers worldwide and around the clock with tool-specific Leitz know-how in real time in order to optimally support them in solving their manufacturing challenges.

What’s new at LIGNA 2019?
1. LeitzXPress – Industry 4.0 with the experience of over 140 years
2. Lean processes, optimized costs and production processes and as a highlight the quick contact on top – This is service with perspective
3. Newcomers to the ProfilCut family: The new ProfilCut Q PLUS
4. New Leitz DT Premium Compact Hogger – 20 percent less panel processing costs
5. Edge processing for professionals: Highly flexible profile change on HOMAG edge banding machines
6. Grooving in series or individual production on only one unit – maximum flexibility and efficiency for furniture manufacturers
7. Machine tuning for planing lines – with the new TurboPlan PLUS
8. Fast milling for excellent finishes in wood derived materials and plastics
9. New hinge boring bit: Boring faster, better and longer
10. Easy, flexible and safe – jointing and bevelling with three cutting edge concepts on one platform

About Leitz Group
Founded in 1876 in Oberkochen, Southern Germany, the Leitz Group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of tools for industrial processing of wood, wood derived materials, plastics, compound materials and non-ferrous metals. The product spectrum covers the complete range of precision tools for automated machines. In a complete package of advisory services, approximately 3,000 employees pass on their experience of cutting tools to customers so meeting daily the requirements of a complete problem solver and producing service provider. Leitz products regularly are used in more than 150 countries. By six production locations in Europe, Asia and America, sales companies and – offices in 36 countries, a close net of 120 service stations with quick-production facilities as well as sales partners, Leitz is represented on all continents.