Premium “Prima” machinery. Special wood-craft package from JAI

Prima Series is a premium range of solid wood machinery within the JAI – WudPro segment. Prima machines have high-end features manufactured with precision engineering. This particular package is specially developed for units engaged in solid wood-craft business. Wood-craft is a peculiar business, which requires sense of design & creativity beside finest machinery. Machinery with features and functions that are capable of executing those creative visions & designs.
“Prima” is that finest machinery, wood craft industry has always waited for. Because it is designed and manufactured by the best & biggest company in the field. Only Jai Industries has the knowledge, expertise, experience and all the wherewithal such an endeavor demand. “Prima” helps you do qualitative jobs with ease and finesse. Because no one has studied and understood market needs like we have. Our machines are made after extensive research and trials. All of these machines are already in use and have proven their precision, performance and productivity on manufacturing floors allover India.

J-4630 (S) HDHQ Double Side Surface Planer:
A Heavy Duty, High Quality and high speed machine with powerful cutting capacity. This planer has reliable stability and shock absorbing capacity that is crucial for high quality work at high speed

High quality hard chrome plating process gives smooth surface to table. Such wear resistance gives smooth level forever

It can be conveniently pulled out on a support for easy replacing or setting the cutting blades

Provided with drive feed roller structure, ensuring stronger and smoother feeding equipped with overloading protection mechanism

Top & Bottom 6 line spiral steel cutter roll as standard accessory

Equipped with imported numerical display unit. The thickness processing can be controlled directly on control panel. The precision can be up to 0.1 mm and the feed speed can be adjusted

Equipped with pressure plate that guarantees smooth machining of short workpiece, increasing production output

The feeding unit can be adjusted up-wards and down-wards. The elevating range reaches 10 mm, and thus the processing precision can be enhanced with powerful feeding

Auto lubrication system circularly lubricate the entire machine, ensures efficient operation
and increases service life of m/c

J-4423- Four Side Moulder:
Width, Thickness & Shape in one pass.Thus Cost Effectively enhancing productivity

All spindles are adjustable and their key devices are positioned on front of the machine for convenience.

Feed rollers are driven through gearbox to give Feed rollers are driven through gearbox to give smooth feeding. Power drives for all spindles for heavy duty cutting requirements.

Technical Details:

Specifications Unit Parameters
Working width min / max mm 25/230
Working thickness min / max mm 8/120
Feeding speed m/min 6 to 12
Top & bottom spindle cutter dia mm 120 Φ
LH & RH spindle cutter dia min / max mm 100F / 180 Φ
Spindle shaft dia mm 40 Φ
Top & bottom spindle cutter motor hp 7.5/5.0
LH & RH spindle cutter motor hp 5.0/5.0
Feeding motor hp 3
Feed beam up-down motor hp 0.5
Air pressure required kg/cm² 5 to 7
Total power hp 26

Note: Use Dust Collector with m/c for superior performance

J-1163 Straight Line Rip Saw:
This bottom cutter rip saw is much safer system than upper rip saw, because of saw shaft rotating in different direction. A unique machine with patented exclusive engineering design and patented parts manufacturing. Equipped with adjustable tables and trolley, processing wide materials is more convenient for saving time and labor. Machine is equipped with Laser Light as

Anti-kickback device, avoids kick- backing of wood, ensure safe cutting

Automatic lubrication system circularly lubricated the entire machine, insure efficient operation and increase service life.


User friendly Control Panel. Feeding speed of conveyor can be regulated from panel

Special material conveyor chain blocks with teeth for better friction and resistance, make workpiece feeding smoother.

J-1940 Oscillation Mortiser :
Powerful mortiser machine for great quality mortising with flexibility of execution. This Prima mortise gives you more features with better engineering design. Superior system with pneumatic clamping for perfect gripping.

The machine is equipped with two tables at the right and left side allowing two operators to use simultaneously. Table tilts ±20° at the right and left side. Table is elevated by turning a handwheel.

J-1941 Round-end Tenoner :
Excellent tenon-work on a high speed, high accuracy twin-table machine is an asset for any handicraft workshop or mass production unit. Round tenons are preferred quality by most modern manufacturers. You can make various tenon axis angles like horizontal, vertical or 45* to suit the jobs at hand. The double table design enhances the productivity. Pneumatic clamping for better gripping.

Various tenon axis angles

J-1950 (A) Dovetailer Auto :
High speed, continuous auto tenoning make your jobs of highly finished quality, at the same time making the whole process easy. Tenoning head feeds on hard chrome plated guide rod, for maximum stability of tenoning operation and maximum wear resistance. Also, Process dovtailed tenons/mortises simultaneously for accurate jointing. All the machine controls are centralized on one control


J-1300R-RP Wide Belt Sander:
Finest sending of wood and veneer for those who aspire to achieve fine surfaces of wood jobs. Vibration free structure and easy to operate high-end electric control system. This wide belt sander is designed for three functions: thickness calibration, surface sanding and fine surface polishing. The two sanding belt can be used at the same time, or you can only use the 1st sanding belt or only used the 2nd sanding belt separately. Besides, the polishing pad can be adjusted up-and-down to change the pressure according to different work piece.

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