Presenting the safest table saw with SawStop Technology

Sascha Präuer, Product Trainer

Product/Solution: Circular table saw TKS 80 with SawStop technology

No more serious cutting injuries – thanks to the new circular table saw TKS 80 with SawStop Technology brought to you by Festool. The fingers are in use every second of the day: drawing a line with a pencil, unloading tools from a vehicle, pulling a screw out of the floor and so on. Serious cutting injuries while sawing is now a thing of the past. While the user can concentrate on the work, the table saw makes sure that your most valuable tools – your fingers – are protected.
The heart of the technology is a cartridge that works together with a spring to push an aluminium block into the saw blade if it comes into contact with the user’s skin during operation. The saw blade stops in just five milliseconds, disappearing into the machine bench and out of the hazard area. This prevents serious cutting injuries.
When the sawblade registers contact with human skin, everything goes as quick as a flash: a bang. And everything stands still. A clear visual display means that users can quickly see the current operating status of the bench-mounted circular saw: When the green LED is lit, the SawStop technology is ready to use. The SawStop technology can be switched off if the user wishes to do so. If the mechanism has been triggered, the saw can be made ready to use again in just a few steps. All you need is a new cartridge and a new saw blade: Open the cover, remove the old saw blade and cartridge and replace them with the new set. The system will then check that they are fitted correctly. As soon as the LED constantly lights up green, work can continue.