Moving the logs with speed and efficiency

Tuomo Moilanen, Area Director, Germany and Austria

Product/Solution: PONSSE BISON ActiveFrame

The new PONSSE Bison Active Frame is the flagship of the PONSSE forwarder range. The main strengths of the new forwarder model are its speed and efficiency. The continuously variable transmission and the Active Frame cabin suspension system raise productivity to a new level, especially over long transport distances. As requested by customers, the BisonActive Frame is now also available equipped with a bulldozer blade.
The PONSSE Bison Active Frame demonstrates its speed especially over long and challenging transport distances. The new continuously variable transmission (CVT) always balances the driving speed and engine load, ensuring low fuel consumption and high productivity. In addition to fuel efficiency, the benefits of the powertrain include high tractive force and step-less transmission – work doesn’t have to stop when changing the driving speed.
The PONSSE Bison is equipped with the PONSSE Active Frame cabin suspension system. The system has a simple and functional structure, dampening any lateral movement affecting the operator effectively and unnoticeably. The Active Frame allows the operator to stay alert and productive hour after hour, even at high speeds. The 14 – 16-ton load-carrying capacity, the large load space and the powerful and easy-to-use loader ensure efficient load handling at all work sites.
Continuously variable transmission for the first time in a forest machine
The Bison’s transmission is based on robust CVT technology, allowing the driving speed of the machine to be significantly increased. This is very useful, especially when transport distances are long. CVT includes step-less changing of gear ratios, so the conventional switching between the slow and fast gear is no longer necessary. The operator can drive at any available speed without having to stop. Hydrostatic transmission has been replaced with a CVT gear system, which enables lower fuel consumption and higher tractive force. The benefits are clear on steep slopes, soft terrain and deep snow. Ponsse is the only forest machine manufacturer to offer CVT in cut-to-length forest machines.