Exploring Digitization possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses

Christian Schulten, Director Marketing & Communication

Product/Solution: Cell concepts for each customer

At LIGNA 2019, HOMAG predominantly dealt with key questions especially for craft businesses: What concrete possibilities does digitization offer small and medium-sized businesses today? Which of our simple assistants and features can help carpenters with their daily work? How does every company find the right elements for its workshop of the future?
The user does not have to invest in an overall system with HOMAG to get started, but decides on individual components like machines, hardware, smart applications and apps that communicate with each other and are integrated precisely in his workshop. Each concept shows different approaches, which can be fitted to each customers demand.
Cell 1 – Digital Entry
In the “Digital Entry” workshop concept, HOMAG exhibited a corresponding scenario at the LIGNA. An employee follows an order completely through the production. How an employee can easily access data for production in a digital way, how customers can use optimization software even if a cutting saw already exists, and how employees keep track of all parts was showcased. As a result, HOMAG customers gain more transparency in production, recognize optimization potential and can improve existing processes more easily.

Cell 2 – Connected, digital workshop
Each machine is operated by one person. Three areas – work preparation, machine park and the assembly segment are organized in different segments. Production data are existing partially in digital format. It was shown to visitors how the production process is supported with smart digital assistants and software in a stepwise approach.