Telescopic progressive sliding systems and E-Drive by Häfele

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Characterized by innovation, development and great design, the Telescopic Progressive Sliding Systems offer you a complete sliding solution for every threshold of your homes and offices.

Häfele introduces the new Classic and Design 80 Telescopic Progressive Sliding Systems to its Slido range of sliding fittings for your internal partitions and doors. These systems demonstrate the highest form of quality as the components are completely fabricated in European manufacturing units and adhere to European standards. The Telescopic Progressive systems offer you seamless transitions between spaces. The doors in this system move in unison when one door is pushed or pulled hence reducing the amount of force required to open or close the doors. A distinctly notable feature of the Telescopic Progressive systems is its bottom guide which is designed to be hidden when the doors are stacked on one side, leaving the passage completely free. You thus have an effortless and obstacle-free movement everywhere.

The new Telescopic Progressive Systems by Häfele are available in two variants – Classic (for Wooden Door Sliding) and Design (for Glass Door Sliding) with an option of choosing from a 2-door or a 3-door version under each variant. The excellent make and build of each and every component in the system combined together grants the system its optimum and steady functionality. The ground shielded ball bearings inside the runners enable a smooth and silent operation. The rollers and carriages are made of extremely durable and impact resistant materials thereby extending the product life and preventing repetitive maintenance problems. The Classic 80 system enhances privacy and gives a clear distinction between different areas in your interiors while the Design 80 system gives way to open and bright spaces.

The new E -Drive (electric drive) from Häfele is an electro-mechanical drive for two and three – leaf sliding doors running in front of the cabinet.

E-Drive for Sliding Doors
Smooth and effortless sliding of doors is now made possible by the new E -Drive (electric drive) from Häfele. E – Drive is an electro-mechanical drive for two and three – leaf sliding doors running in front of the cabinet. The drive can be retrofitted and operates without making a sound; it allows the door to open automatically with a gentle push. Häfele has equipped this elegant system with every imaginable convenience, and has easy functionality which makes soft sliding an extraordinary experience.

E – Drive is ideal for use with Vorfront sliding fittings like Classic & Design Duo 80 VF, Classic & Design 60 VF and Classic 50 S A. This exclusive product introduced to the Slido range of sliding hardware by Häfele represents reliability, excellent functionality and intelligent controls, and is predestined for use in both residential and business areas.

Additional convenience feature includes:

  • Plug & Play
  • Silent opening and closing
  • Automatic closing after 2 minutes