Convert veneer waste – offcuts into beautiful products

In the last article ‘Converting the wood waste in to beautiful products’ we have seen the conversion of wooden end cuts / side cuts. In this article, we are going to explore the conversion of veneer waste into beautiful value-added products.

Veneer waste cut to sizes

Almost every veneer-processing factory generates waste and off cuts while sizing and selection. This veneer waste is precious and at the same time quite expensive stuff. Every veneering processing factory is having heaps of veneer waste and the cost of the same may be in millions. Many factories wish to make some use of the veneer waste into some value-added products that may generate some revenue and utilize the precious natural material that has taken decades to grow.

Veneer Boxes

Veneer visiting cards

The above veneer waste is a byproduct of veneer processing and many novel products can be produced from it on both small scale and large scale depending on the techniques used and investment done on the waste recovery project.

Let’s discuss about converting veneer end cut and side cut waste into creative end products.
One can easily observe that the veneer waste is in assorted sizes. While producing anything out of it, one has to first segregate the waste according to the shapes, sizes so that a uniform size can be cut out of it.

Laser engraved invitation cards

Collage picture with veneers

Collage picture with veneers

A veneer cutting guillotine machine or veneer cutting saw is used to convert the veneer waste in to uniform sizes. The product will look like depicted in the pictures.

After converting the veneer waste in to uniform sizes we can decide the products that can be crafted out of it. Products like visiting cards; bookmarks, fridge magnets, laser engraved pictures etc. can be produced from it.

Veneer Chandelier

Veneer Cards

From veneer waste which is larger in size, we can make greeting cards, function cards, invitation cards, thanks giving cards etc by laser engraving or screen printing as per samples below:

To create such amazing stuff from veneer all we need is a support of a great designer who can make magic from scratch. Creativity is the crucial factor that will add value to the products and achieve to success.

Products like small gift boxes, lamp shades and chandeliers will turn out as great ideas to produce as these are beautiful in look and can fetch good price with designer value. All these products can be produced by die cutting or laser cutting. Natural oil and wax finishing ensure that products look and sustain its beauty in all weather conditions.

Screen Printed Invitation cards

The highest value added products that can be produced from assorted colour veneer waste is the collage pictures and portraits. This needs skilled staff who has the vision to generate the images from the waste. The images can be more natural and life like depending on the artist’s skill. This can be laser cut and then put together.

The investment required to convert veneer waste depends on the volume and on the returns one is looking from as the laser cutting machine is available in different capacities and different price range.

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