FFSC competition winners demonstrated skills at DelhiWood

The two finalists from FFSC’s IndiaSkills 2018 competition Mr. Vikash Kumar Naga (Rajasthan) and Mr. Keshar Singh Rajput (Rajasthan) demonstrated test projects during DelhiWood 2019. Both will be representing India at the World Skills 2019 to be held at Kazan, Russia in August 2019.

The World Skills Competition, also known as the Olympics for Skills whereby candidates from across the globe get a platform to showcase their skills in different trades and compete at the international level. The Furniture & Fittings Skills Council (FFSC) participated in the World Skills 2017 edition of the competition which was held in Abu Dhabi during the month of October 2017. FFSC participated in the skill trade of ‘Cabinet Making’ and it was a huge learning curve for the team about the international level of skills.

FFSC now plans to participate in the next edition of the World Skills 2019 competition which will be held in Kazan, Russia in the Month of August 2019. Joinery and Cabinet Making are the two skill trades that have been selected by the council.

FFSC recently conducted the national level competitions (IndiaSkills 2018) for the skills trades of Joinery and Cabinet Making respectively. Mr. Vikash Kumar Naga from Rajasthan was the gold medalist in ‘Joinery’ at the IndiaSkills 2018 competition. Mr. Keshar Singh Rajput from Rajasthan was the gold medalist in the ‘Cabinet Making’ trade at the IndiaSkills 2018 competition. The winners are now preparing to represent India in the World Skills 2019 competition which will be held at Kazan, Russia in August 2019.

During DelhiWood 2019 the two finalists implemented respective test projects in Cabinet Making and Joinery spanning over 4 days of the exhibition. The test projects were of the WorldSkills competition standard and the visitors got a glimpse of how the international level competitions are conducted. FFSC took the support of its Industry and Academic partners to arrange the skill demonstration. The support from all the Industry partners, organizers, and government representatives made the demonstration sessions a success and set an example towards promoting the importance of skill development among all stakeholders.

The skills demonstration by the National Level winners generated good advocacy for our WorldSkills participation and awareness for the ‘Skill India’ campaign among the stakeholders. We hope to convert the interactions during DelhiWood 2019 into future partnerships which will strengthen the industry support for the skilling ecosystem.

Shrikanth Sasi
Manager- Taskforce, FFSC