EVOPLAT M: Vertical Wrapping Machine for Doors, Panels and Windows

Established in 1974, GG Macchine is today a leading Italian manufacturer of machines and plants for the packaging with stretch film and/or other types of film made of polyethylene. The latest offering from the company is Evoplat M – a simple, economic and flexible solution to perform efficiently the protection of door panels, windows, furniture and cabinets. The packaging can be done with Pluri-ball + stretch film, FOAM + stretch film or only with the stretch film. With a simple operation, Evoplat M can be converted in a turntable machine and/or be equipped with presser to lock stably the products to be wrapped. The auto-lock base roller conveyor is placed at an ideal height which allows easy passage of the product to the rack. A fully automatic version of the same model is available as EVOPLATA.

Features of EVOPLAT M:

  • Manually adjustable arm clamp
  • Pneumatically actuated, adjustable lockingclamp
  • Film carriage with mechanical clutch and rack transmission
  • Button keyboard withflexible cable
  • Control panel for automatic model