Jai Industries

In conversation with Mr. Nirav Shah Director, Jai Industries

The Indian furniture manufacturers have been able to match the competition from their foreign counterparts on account of the good quality, Indian-make machines priced reasonably to justify the investments.

Q. In less than a decade, India has become the new darling of global markets and is poised to become the third largest consumer economy (after the USA and China) over the next decade. The country’s percentage of super elite households is expected to rise five-fold by 2025. It is evident that India has a huge appetite for furniture. According to you, what needs to be done from the manufacturer’s or supplier’s side to make the most of this opportunity?

A. Indian furniture industry is now growing at good pace and the domestic manufacturers have been successful in overcoming the competition of imported furniture market by consistently supplying good quality furniture at reasonable rates to their customers. This has become possible for them only because, now very good quality reasonably priced Indian make machines are easily available to them. This has reduced their initial investment as well as their service and spares cost / expenses, making their overall project viable and competitive against imported furniture.

Last decade saw a phenomenal change in how the woodwork industry approached the work and growth potential before it. India is not dependent on imports anymore. It has evolved and developed into a self-sustained nation with its skilled manpower and advanced technology.

Modular furniture making, doors-windows-shutters making, interior décor creation and panel-based products manufacturing… everything has become faster, of world-class quality and yet cost effective due to invent and advent of Panel Process Machinery. There is a sea-change in technology and machinery to match it. Conventional methods and machines are getting replaced by new sophisticated ones. Today, it is the era of innovation and technological development and we, at Jai, truly believe in it. Jai is constantly investing in research and innovative development with its state of art manufacturing facilities to cater the demand for quality machines.

A. Tell our readers more about your participation at Delhiwood 2019 viz. new products, new technologies, new services that you are planning to exhibit.

A. We will be displaying more than 60 machines at the show from our Solid wood and Panel processing i.e. from Wudpro and Modula. The machines are Panel Saws, Semi and Auto Edge Banders , Multi Boring, Spindle Moulder, Hydraulic Cold Press, Vacuum Membrane Press , CNC Routers, Oscillation Mortiser (Auto), Round End Tenoner, Combi Planer, Surface Planer , Double side Thickness Planer, Four-side Planer, (Auto) Raised Panel Copy Shaper, (Auto) Rebato Mould, Band Saw, Circular Saw, Sanders, Chain Mortisers and many more.

We will be launching new brand Optimus – a challenger to global brands at the show and main introductions are: OptiSaw (auto) 3.2 Panel Saw, (Auto) EdgeBander OptiEdge 6.5 (P), Beam Saw Opticut 3.2, Three head Boring Optidrill 2.3.

Jai Industries was established in 1965 by Late Mr. Niranjan Shah. ‘Spirit of Excellence’ is reflected in everything Jai does. With Seven different manufacturing units producing the widest range of machinery for solid wood-work and panel processing, staff strength of 650 and a total 400,000 sq. ft. of fully equipped manufacturing floor, Jai manufactures a whopping 30,000 machines a year! Approximately 5,00,000 machines with Jai brand has been installed till date.