Biesse India

In conversation with Mr. Sayeed Ahmed, CEO, Biesse India

India is a country that boasts opportunities for manufacturers in mid-range, upper-mid-range and high-end furniture segments. Biesse, celebrating 50 glorious years of innovation and technology with an irrepressible focus on the future, is committed to the needs of Indian furniture manufacturers.

Q. In less than a decade, India has become the new darling of global markets and is poised to become the third largest consumer economy (after the USA and China) over the next decade. The country’s percentage of super elite households is expected to rise five-fold by 2025. It is evident that India has a huge appetite for furniture. According to you, what needs to be done from the manufacturer’s or supplier’s side to make the most of this opportunity?

A. India, being a country with largely middle-class population, demands for economical modular furniture for residential needs. Hence, it is imperative to standardise the furniture before moving on to the manufacturing stage. The standardisation helps the manufacturer to produce affordable options for the consuming middle-class. At the same time, emphasis should be given on producing quality products which are as good as the imported ones. On the other end, there is an increasing demand for high-end modular furniture. So, it is important to bring in new designs to suit the taste of the HNIs and UHNIs. Technology is available to meet both these demands, affordable as well as high-end furniture. Manufacturers should constantly see to upgrade their technology and processes to deliver better quality and design to their customers. Biesse is committed to serve the growing needs of all kinds of manufacturers, however small or large they be, with the state-of-the-art technology. Look forward to Biesse for a complete manufacturing solution.

Q. Tell our readers more about your participation at Delhiwood 2019 viz. new products, new technologies, new services that you are planning to exhibit.

A. During Delhiwood 2019, in Biesse’s 600 square meters display area, visitors will be able to experience Biesse’s most innovative technologies for wood processing, integrated with and supported by software and services for the automation and digitalization of the factory. Among the new developments on display this year are the latest Biesse machines like – New edge banding series, Skipper 100 – CNC horizontal boring machine for sandwiched panels, Rover A – with 5-axis head with continuous interpolation and a Set-up assistant which offers foolproof work table settings, Rover S FT – Flat table CNC for nesting of panels and the very popular Rover Gold machine with new look and featuring advanced options like the bpad and btouch interface developed by Biesse.

Machines guided by software to manage the various needs and able to carry out the work not only in pre-determined times but also with the same standard of quality. Biesse is, furthermore, proud to demonstrate for its clients all of the features of SOPHIA, Biesse’s IoT platform, created in collaboration with the Accenture consulting firm, which provides its clients access to a wide range of services for simplifying and rationalising the management of their work.

Biesse is the Group’s business unit specialising in the woodworking segment. Since 1969, it has designed, manufactured and marketed a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large furniture, windows, doors and wood building components manufacturers. In recent years, it has also been active in the plastic processing machinery sector, developing ad-hoc solutions for a growing market.