GCM Teak Brazil

GCM Teak Brazil:

A reliable teak source from Brazil is now consolidated in the Indian market

Since the first shipments of teak clean squares from Brazil to India, the main concern of GCM Teak Brazil was to develop and build a long-term relationship with Indian buyers. After the initial business with trade companies outside India and with some spot buyers, there was a very clear position about the necessity in finding local distributors’ interest in longterm business.

Looking for assuring distributors, GCM Teak Brazil decided to participate in prominent wood exhibitions in India. The first participation was at Indiawood 2016 in Bengaluru followed by Delhiwood 2017 in New Delhi. After two consecutive years of exhibition participation, GCM Teak Brazil increased the volumes shipped to Indian market – thanks to the local distributors who guided the company to produce the correct quality and sizes!

The strategy of GCM Teak Brazil was to develop and support distributors in different areas of India. With this strategy, we were able to walk our way to success as there was an organic increase of business as we eliminated open competition in the same geography.

Today, GCM Teak Brazil can be found from north to south India via local distributors.

Mr. Ravi, Arihant Timber Responsible for Bengaluru Area

Well-received by customers

Just after our meeting at Indiawood 2016 in Bengaluru, we began buying GCM Teak Brazil. We received very good response from our customers owing to the quality. The moment the first shipment got cleared and well-received by customers, we realized that we have got the right supplier. We receive regular shipments with consistent quality that helped us to increase our teak business in the southern states of India. If you are looking for a reliable source of Teak in Bengaluru Area, you can count on GCM Teak for best quality and prompt delivery.”

Mr. Vishal Badani,
Shree Vardhman Enterprise
Responsible for Mundra Area

Gem of a timber merchant

“GCM Teak is certainly gem of a timber merchant. In the shortest span of time it got a reputation as one of the highest-quality imported timbers available in India. We want to thank GCM Teak Brazil sincerely for the trust and for the
spirit of partnership. We have received a good cooperation from Mr. Gustavo S. Milazzo and the entire GCM Teak Brazil team in the past. We hope the same will continue for years to come.”

Mr. Kamlesh Patel,
Jagadish Timber
Responsible for Vizag Area

Consistent on quality

“In the past, many of our loyal clienteles (timber resellers) from coastal Andhra Pradesh were reluctant to try Brazil Teak. However, things changed when we introduced GCM Teak to them. Satisfied with the quality and supply, the resellers are coming back with further demand for Brazil Teak. Today, GCM Teak Brazil is wellregarded as the best Brazil Teak brand all across South India. We are also into manufacturing of door and window frames and GCM Teak is our first choice as quality and grains are consistent in all the pieces. We have grown with our partner GCM and are proud to be a part of GCM family.”

Mr. Hitesh Patel,
Kethany Enterprises
Responsible for Nagpur Area

A great partner in success

“We are proud to be one of the first importers of GCM Teak Brazil in India. Since the beginning, we had a very great experience doing business together with GCM team. We have developed the Teak market together and only have good experiences since then. Our companies are very well-connected and enjoying a very good market based on mutual trust and a great relationship. I give the credit of our successful partnership to the foundation of strong values it is built upon – respect, friendship and commitment. Hope it grows much stronger in future.”